Virgin V Room Review

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2016 06 07 07.51.59 e1498476864414

We love the Virgin V Room. It really gets your holiday off to a stress-free start. I’m really surprised that more people don’t actually use it. The holiday starts when I get to the V room.

Virgin V Room Sign on wall
Welcome to the Virgin V Room!

So what is the V Room?

When I was writing this Virgin V Room Review I wanted it to be worth reading so I’ve tried to make sure I’ve covered everything it has to offer. The Virgin V Room is a private area exclusive for Virgin passengers. It has a bar area, a restaurant area and a games area (for big kids and little ones too!). The games area includes an Xbox and table football whilst the younger children’s area includes coloring and soft play area! These areas are not supervised so you need to keep an eye on the kids.

Kids play area Virgin V Room
Kids play area Virgin V Room

You can also check in for your car hire from the V Room in the UK saving you time and hassle on when you get to the Alamo desk stateside. The drinks in the bar cost money but food and soft drinks are free. They have a range of hot sandwiches and breakfasts as well as pastries, cereals, and yogurts too. There are Virgin staffs on hand to ask questions to and computers too.

I’ve only experienced the one in Manchester airport but it’s lovely. Big comfy chairs and a base to wait for boarding. Our daughter loves the play areas and I love the pastries and my wife has a place to dump her bags before going to raid the Duty-Free.

Virgin V Room Price

It’s £25 per adult and £14 per child between 2-14 and under 2’s are free. Is it worth this? Well if you can afford it I think it’s totally worth it. You get to be away from the crowds and can start to relax and unwind just that little bit sooner.

Gaining Access

To be able to use this special room you need to make sure you add it to your holiday booking with Virgin. It’s not added to your booking automatically so you need to ask about it. That goes even if you’re flying Premium Economy, are a Flying Club Member or flying with Virgin Atlantic.

The V Room is airy and bright and is a real joy to be in. It’s fun for the kids and relaxing for the adults. They have speakers in there to call you for your flight and a TV with your departure time and boarding time on. They’ve thought of everything and created a really lovely environment that is totally Virgin.

Virgin V Room and babies…

Baby food is not supplied but they can warm up a milk bottle for you. There are also baby changing facilities too and high chairs are available.

Is the V-Room suitable for wheelchair users?

The simple answer is yes. There are lift options to come up to the V-Room and the lounge has been designed on one level with plenty of space. There also have a wheelchair accessible toilet available and somewhere to put your wheel chair or buggy.

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Hope that’s a good Virgin V Room review and enjoy your holiday!


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