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Visit Palm Beach Florida – A Place of Rich History and Beauty

Looking for a luxurious tropical destination to stay in with your family or friends for a holiday getaway? Look no further, for there is one historic and beautiful place in Florida that will blow your mind. Situated at the southwestern end of Floridais Palm Beach, a place to give you everything you could ever wish for in a tropical paradise.

Standing and functioning as an incorporated town (tourist attraction and a residential town at the same time), Palm Beach Florida has everything you need for a luxurious vacation—from lodging to meals to entertainments and many others. As a matter of fact, this place has been a vacation spot for many famous personalities and families such as the Kennedys, Pulitzers and even the Trumps. You can dive into the life of the residents and at the same time witness the breathtaking views that are one-of-a-kind. On top of that, there are a lot of things that make Palm Beach a must visit Florida destination

The Rich History of Palm Beach Florida

Knowing a place’s history contributes a lot in appreciating it—and even a lot more if it bears an interesting one. Starting off, before this place came to what is known as “Palm Beach Resort”, it was called “Lake Worth”. It was named after the person who discovered the island, who was Major General William Jenkins Worth who fought in the Second Seminole War. Early settlers of Lake Worth struggled to clear some houses of the residential area to make room for their crops. It was in 1872 when the early permanent settlers of this town arrived.

About six years later after the arrival of the first permanent settlers, a ship named “Providencia” traveling from Havana going to Barcelona was shipwrecked near Lake Worth. Upon seeing this instance, the settlers wasted no time recovering crops from the ship which were mainly coconuts. After this event, many of them were able to use and plant coconuts in their field while some of those that were not salvaged were washed ashore and grew to be the palm trees by the seashore.

For this reason, Lake Worth was then called Palm Beach for the blessing that was given to them through the shipwreck. Aside from the change of the place’s name, the settlers also had a successful attempt at launching a coconut industry and business. This was even the reason why despite the lack of native palm trees in South Florida, Palm Beach has richness in this particular crop.

How did it start as a tourist spot?

In the year 1880, like wildfire, the word about the breathtaking beauty of Palm Beach Florida spread to the north, tickling the interest of people and therefore flocking to the place. Many were fascinated by the presence of coconut trees in a place where it is not likely to be found (since, again, it is not a native crop in Palm Beach). It was in that same year when the first lodging facility—Coconut Grove House— was established and opened to tourists. A decade later, more establishments intending to cater tourists opened such as businesses, hotels and winter residences. The establishment and opening of Henry M. Flagler’s Royal Poinciana Hotel in 1894 and the arrival of Florida East Coast Railroad in 1896 ended the so-called pioneer era of Palm Beach. The railroad tracks traversed Lake Worth, giving trains the opportunity to drop off passengers directly at Flagler’s Royal Poinciana Hotel. Later on, with the demands of guests to be dropped off “down by the breakers”, the hotel was renamed “The Breakers”, but was later on destroyed by fire in 1903.

Not letting the tourists down, a year after the incident,  Henry M. Flagler bought and established a larger, more luxurious hotel in that same place where the Royal Poinciana Hotel was founded. Unfortunately, another fire in March 1925 destroyed the re-established hotel. Still, resilient as the residents are, the burnt hotel was replaced with another structure made out of stone structure which continues to attract tourists as a landmark in Palm Beach in the current times.

After thirty-five men voted to incorporate the second municipality in Palm Beach County, the Town of Palm Beach was incorporated back on April 17, 1911. It was also on that same night when they elected their officers and councilmen. Even up to this present time, the residents have maintained the positions established through this election—a town governor with five councilmen. Garden Club of Palm Beach sponsored the preparation of a Town Plan eighteen years after this.

Palm Beach in the Contemporary Times

Now big-time, world-famous small town, Palm Beach Florida continues to welcome tourists from everywhere with its enchanting views and fully-developed world-class facilities. Despite the changes it had gone through for nearly a century, the simple small town vibe is still present and never fails to make the guest’s stay in the town a memorable and wonderful one.

According to latest records, approximately 9,000 citizens are now sheltering within Palm Beach Florida —living with the wonders of nature in the town and accommodating guests at the same time. Aside from this number of residents, there are also 20,000 more who have seasonal homes in Palm Beach Florida (which means, they have a house where they tuck themselves in during the winter season).

As their way of giving back and showing love to others, the residents of Palm Beach Resort make it a point to donate more of their money per capita to charities than any other community in America.

Still running under the same established Council-Manager form of government, Palm Beach Florida operates to provide a full range of municipal services and maintains its active historic preservation program, high levels of public safety and public works services, strict zoning standards, a variety of recreational programs like their tennis and golf facilities (which many guests have hailed for its world-class quality and for the remarkable experience they had here even as beginners of both sports) and of course, the ever-known three-mile public beaches.

What Palm Beach Resort has in store for you?

Offering the best tourist services for already a century, Palm Beach Florida never fails to give its tourists a one-of-a-kind experience in their stay—from something for their eyes to feast on, to something for their minds and bodies to exercise, they have it.

A feast for your eyes

Your visit to the Palm Beach Florida will never be complete without witnessing the beauty of the palm trees majestically situated by the seashores, bordering the sea itself from the seashore. There are many oceans to see in Palm Beach resort, considering how long the public beaches are, you will definitely appreciate the beauty of nature situated in one area alone. Find out the beaches you can visit, where in the beach resort they are located and how much entrance fees cost, there are many sites online to assist you in figuring these things out.

On top of that, you also have the opportunity to witness live performances on certain dates and schedules. Fire dancers and light dancers and other performers are within Palm Beach Resort, ready to entertain you with their shows and exhibit of talents and skills. Similar to the beach entrance fees, you will have to consult online sites linked to Palm Beach Florida to find out which performer is doing a show on a particular date and what time the show will be performed.

A feast for your mouth and tummy

Vacations in a beach resort will never be complete without dining in one of their snack bars or restaurants and getting a taste of their food, many of which have the local flavor known by many tourists who have been there before. From meals that you can munch as you stroll by the beach to those heavy meals that you might need for breakfast, lunch or dinner—you are sure to feast your mouth and tummy in the dining services and stalls that they have here. You can see the snack bars and restaurants offering different kinds of dishes online, along with their location and operating hours and the meals they serve in websites and online guides—all helpful and convenient as this will save you time once you set foot on the resort vicinity itself.

If you’re on a budget and have planned to bring some snacks which will be prepared or consumed inside the resort vicinity, there are some designated areas where you can grill, fry or even cook food you brought. However, keep in mind that not all resorts in Palm Beach Florida have this kind of flair, so it will be best to check them online first before planning on anything else regarding this matter.

A feast for your mind

Learning (in a fun way) does not have to stop during one of your vacation trips. Once you set your feet on Palm Beach Florida, you are also up for a learning experience. Know the history of Palm Beach Florida through their active historical restoration program where, as a part of the program, you will get to know how the place came to be and how it changed into what it appears now. Visit the spot where Flagler’s two hotels (both burned down with fire) used to stand—the two which were earlier established after the town became a tourist spot nearly a century ago.

A feast for your muscles

Recreation at a beach resort is not just limited to swimming, surfing, and other water-related activities. You can still have fun at a beach resort without getting wet in the process. As for Palm Beach Florida, they cater golf and tennis practice and games for their guests to try out. Their facilities for these sports are guaranteed to be high-class and will definitely give them the best experience in playing these sports. On top of that, the materials that they have for these sports are also plenty, allowing more visitors to use their facilities and try out the sport. Take their golf course as an example, situated near the beach, the view offers a relaxing sight to the golfers while the grassland in the golf course, you are sure to have the optimum condition required for a good golf game.

Aside from these, there are also other sports and gaming features which guests can try out in their vacation or visit at Palm Beach Florida. Online sites offer a list of activities you can do at a certain establishment within the vicinity of the beach resort.

Relax and Rejuvenate

After your long day of exploring the town, you deserve a calm place to restore the energy you’ve exhausted throughout the day. Fortunately, Palm Beach Resort offers a wide array of lodging facilities for you to choose from. You’ll never run out of options where to stay for the night (or maybe a week), whether your considerations are budget, facilities or proximity to certain areas in the beach resort, you are sure to find the perfect hotel you are looking for.

Each hotel has its own theme and gives its guests different kinds of ambiances—from hotels which give you that classy feel with their simple and minimalist designs to those that are elegant in their colors, details, furniture and design and even those that are unique and rarely thought of in hotel themes.

Evident enough, Palm Beach Florida is a paradise for everyone—having everything a tourist wants and needs. With its interesting history and rich beauty, partnered with world-class services and providers, a wide array of activities to try out all wonderfully condensed in one place, you are sure to have the vacation of your lifetime. This beach resort is the place for everybody—for all people from different walks of life, from all ages with various interests and definition of memorable vacation.

So, what are you waiting for? Surf online now for the best spots you can find in this beach resort and give yourself the most satisfying vacation of your life.


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