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Visiting the Florida Keys

Florida Keys is a popular tourist destination with an outstanding natural beauty. A string of tropical islands that stretch over 100 miles off the tip of Florida and towards the Gulf of Mexico. They are a destination for fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, sailing and taking life at much more relaxing pace. Read on to find out more about this amazing place.

“florida keys – A Place of outstanding natural beauty”

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Florida Keys

After you have experienced a riding adventure at Walt Disney World Orlando, hop in for an island adventure at the Florida Keys. It offers a majestic view and once-in-a-lifetime experience for everyone who comes to visit it. Whether you love a simply wonderful to behold, sketch, paint and take a photo with or have some thrilling adventures, you will surely not run out of options of activities to spend your leisure time. With its delightful sight to behold composed of palm trees dancing in the breeze, a sunny and bright atmosphere and aura displayed at daytime and noon time and a calming and relaxing sunset view later on in the day, this island is definitely one of the places you will never forget.

On top of these views, you can also enjoy a wide array of activities—whether you want to try it for fun, for learning, for thrill and adventure or even simply enjoying the sights of this grandiose islands in the Southeastern part of the continental United States. The Florida Keys is home to prominent destinations such as Key Largo, Islamorada, Marathon, Lower Keys, and Key West.

Key Largo – Home to National Marine Sanctuary

Key Largo is first, the largest and the longest easternmost island part of the Florida Keys chain. Here. You can find the first undersea park in the United States called John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park. You can have the best and most enjoyable snorkeling experience having the only living extensive reef in the country. With the help of a knowledgeable and skilled facilitator and high-quality equipment and facilities, you are guaranteed with the best and safest experience viewing the delightful underwater world of the island filled with a variety of sea creatures.

It also has two state parks and a national park. The upper portion of the island is a restricted area which is home to the Crocodile Wildlife Refuge – a breeding ground for the endangered American crocodile.

Islamorada – Sports Fishing Capital of the World

Just south of Key Largo, this magnificent place is the next island destination. Here, you can enjoy a world-class fishing which you will never forget. For those who want to experience fishing themselves and have different skills in the said activity, the management offers fishing sessions for beginners and fishing tournaments for those who are already experts in it. Bonefishing is the most prominently-known and enjoyed Islamorada fishing. Other outdoor activities one can surely enjoy include water sports, kayaking, jet skis, parasailing, boating and sunset cruises.

Bonefishing is the most prominently-known and enjoyed Islamorada fishing. Other outdoor activities one can surely enjoy include water sports, kayaking, jet skis, parasailing, boating and sunset cruises.

Marathon – The Heart of Florida Keys

Located in the middle of the Florida Keys, Marathon is a 10-mile-long island that comprises of many islands such as Long Key, the Conch Keys, Duck Key, Grassy Key, Boot Key, Crawl Key and Pigeon Key. It is separated from the Lower Keys by the Seven Mile Bridge and hosts the annual marathon event called the Seven Mile Bridge Run.

If it is relaxing vacation resorts you’re after in your stay in the Florida Keys, then Marathon is the place to be. It provides you with breath-taking views and relaxing activities such as boat rides for you to behold and enjoy the tropical wonders of the island.

Lower Keys – The Big Pine Key

Located between Marathon and Key West, this 30-mile expanse is arguably the most spectacular stretch in the lower Florida Keys. It is surrounded by a marine environment filled with abundant terrestrial and marine wildlife.

Boating is also one of the well-known and most-tried activities in Lower keys. The provider also lets you have many tours to explore and appreciate the delightful sights of the island. You can also try snorkeling as well as diving at Looe Island and see the underwater views of the island for yourself. If you enjoy the views of the seashore and the animals in it, you can also try bird watching and see the activities of the flying creatures throughout the day.

Key West – The Last Resort

The southernmost city is Key West, over 6-hour drive from Orlando, but in between are some amazing sights and things to do. It is famous for bars, sunset celebrations, street performers and the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum. Key West is only 106 miles from Havana compare that to the 393 from Orlando and you can start to appreciate the cultural and historical differences this place has compared to other areas of Florida.

Key West is home to many tropical island resorts and hotels to accommodate visitors. You can experience dolphin encounters, fishing, Eco-Tours, sightseeing, sunset cruises and watersports. You can also try playing golf on the island, and not only that—you can also try underwater activities such as snorkeling and diving. You will get to see the wonders that the island holds beneath the sea waters. From diverse sea corals to varied schools of fishes, you’ll never run out of movie-like sceneries to behold, even underwater.

With these varied and well-known activities in each of these areas, you will never run out of activities to do and sights to enjoy!


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