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Walt Disney World Customer Service

Walt Disney world is well known for its customer service.

The cast members are trained to a high standard to look after guests and help create a magical experience.

Our personal experience of customer service within Walt Disney world is nothing but positive. We find the cast members to be well trained and very hard working, there is a powerful feeling that you are being well treated and cared for. This is important for Disney, as we all know the price of tickets to Disney theme parks is very high. This creates a demanding customer, add to that the heat and the crowds and suddenly the magic can start to wear thin.

At this point a friendly comment from a cast member can make all the difference. I think it’s important to say that we travel over from England to visit Florida and we have high expectations of our visit, but we understand that our experience is always enhanced when we are not too demanding of the cast members. We treat them well and always smile and chat to them, they are quite low paid and work very hard, so we treat them with curtesy and gratitude. If you have a problem, it will usually be with a tired child, a grumpy guest or the fact your late for your fast pass and realised you’re a ten-minute walk away from the ride.

If you do need to contact Walt Disney World you can do so by visiting this page https://www.disneyworld.co.uk/help/email/

What I love about the cast members is how well trained they are, they are amazing. We were once watching the parade and Snow White had a costume issue, within 10 seconds she was gone. Just trained to a standard that meant as soon as her dress ripped, she knew exactly what to do and exactly where to go. The cast member also stayed in character, something that Disney train cast members to do, you cannot break the magic. If a cast member is in character they have to learn the autograph of that character, they must master the characters personality and mannerisms and ensure that anything they say is in keeping with the character. I remember been quite intimidated when I met Kylo Ren!

This example shows the standards that the cast members are expected to research and it’s something that makes Walt Disney World customer service really special.

For cast members to exceed guest expectations there is a lot of work involved. The first thing they focus on is safety.

Over in the Disney restaurants the theme continues, the service we have experienced in Citricos was the best we have every experienced, our service had even served Princess Diana! But its wasn’t a one off, we also experienced great service in the quick service restaurants too.

I don’t want to go into too much more detail about Walt Disney World Customer service and how good it is. If you have a trip coming up I can almost guarantee you that you’ll experience so wonderful cast members. Have a fantastic trip.


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