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Weather Orlando Florida

The weather Orlando Florida can have a huge impact on what you do and where you go. Some months it rains…a lot. Other months the temperature can easily get into the late 80’s and beyond. With sunshine all year round though, its really up to you.

Then there are the thunder storms, these can quickly close a water park or an attraction you’ve been queuing for an hour or more. It does also have some really beautiful weather too so don’t worry too much. I feel it’s only right that you consider the weather Orlando Florida when looking at your optimal time to travel.

If you are traveling during the months of January, February, March, and April you get to enjoy the cool weather. This means you won’t feel too hot even while waiting in line, it’s also pretty dry. It can be cool on a night and if you’re stopping in a Villa it is wise to get the pool heated. Though the weather is cool and enjoyable in February, crowds are moderate except for Presidents Week where crowds start to rise. However, March is an ideal month to visit Walt Disney World if you prefer extended hours while avoiding the summer months where heat is at its peak.

Weather Orlando Florida at Spring Break

Spring break season is in March so anticipate spiking of crowds from the second week of March till April. The flowers are lovely in full bloom by April so this is the perfect month to visit Walt Disney World.   However, Easter week brings a huge crowd so you need to plan well if heading there then. May is also a fantastic month to enjoy your vacation since the weather is superb and the size of the crowd is smaller until Memorial Day Weekend when again it can be crazy!

If you are traveling during June, July or August, the three hottest months in Florida, you are going to need to be prepared to be hot and sweaty, especially if you’re out in the middle of the day.

It’s worth getting to the parks a little earlier if you visit in the busier times so you are ahead of the fast building summer crowds. Sometimes, there are June showers so brace yourself with a disposable raincoat and always monitor the weather conditions in Disney as when lightning strikes with the rain, most attractions close. You can buy rain macs in the parks.

July months

July is the peak season in Orlando with tons of people visiting so you will have to do advance planning of your itinerary. Be strategic on your time of arrival to ensure that you are ahead of everyone in line. Take advantage of the first 2 hours in the morning soon as the park opens since the crowd is minimal during this period. We once got to the Magic Kingdom at 7.30am, we were the first car in the Premium car park. We were first in line in one of the queues and were then selected to be Family of the Day who meet Mickey and then open the Magic Kingdom!

In August though, crowds are gradually reduced over the last half of the month as kids go back to school.

Weather Orlando Florida in peak Summer…

Here are ways to beat the heat at Disney World during the months of June – August:

  1. Buy a Spray Fan Bottle for yourself to cool you down even the Disney cast members spray you as you walk past them
  2. Use a wet flannel frozen in your fridge overnight and kept in a zip lock plastic bag. This comes in handy when you are in dire need to cool down under the heat of the sun.
  3. Take time to rest your legs and feet by riding the People Mover to see Tomorrowland which can also cool you down for a moment.
  4. Wear comfortable loose clothes and shoes, like shirts and shorts would work well.
  5. Drink lots of water to stay hydrated. There is free iced water you can ask from any restaurant.
  6. Splash zones could be helpful in cooling down the family by running the water while you rest. There is an area near Storybook Circus in the Magic Kingdom like this. Splash Mountain, however, offers some water rides wherein you get wet and cool down at the same time.
  7. Have a strategic plan to schedule your itinerary of the day. Start early before the park opens, enjoy whatever you can and go back to your hotel or Villa for lunch to avoid the peak of the heat. You can take a short nap or swim before going back to the theme park later in the afternoon when the sun is about to set.
  8. Another great option is to eat at an air conditioned restaurant during lunchtime when the sun’s heat is at its peak.
  9. Should you want to watch parades scheduled in the afternoon, then hang out on the left side of Main Street facing the Disney Castle as you can find some shade there to avoid the heat.
  10. Identify rides that are not under any shade so it is wise to plan which rides to prioritize and which ones to leave for later in the day that will just waste your time waiting in line.
  11. You can avoid too much heat under the sun by window shopping at the air conditioned boutiques within the theme park. The best choice would be the Emporium in the Magic Kingdom where you can enjoy the exploring items while staying cool.

Weather Orlando Florida in the cooler months

When you plan your trip from September to December, then you are in for a perfect vacation as the weather starts to cool and kids are back to school so crowds are lower. Many schools offer October fall break so expect bigger crowds even with the cooler weather. November through December is again cooler but can still reach the 80’s.

Presumptions you can make about weather in Orlando at all times

If you presume that the parks are always busy then you won’t go far wrong.

Let’s presume that the weather will be Hot from Mid-April till Mid-September and you won’t go far wrong.

If you presume it will be wet in June, July and August then you go far wrong.

You also need to remember that the weather in Orlando is factored into everything that Disney and Universal do so there is always plenty to do and see regardless of the weather.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick breakdown of Weather Orlando Florida.


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