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What to expect at Hollywood Studios

What to expect at Hollywood Studios- Hollywood Studios is possibly my favourite park. It is so much fun and after the recent additions of Toy Story Land and Galaxies Edge its no longer seen as a half day park. It also has some classic attractions like Tower of Terror and Indiana Jones stunt show.

So what can you expect from a visit to Hollywood?

Firstly, unlike Magic Kingdom once you’ve parked your car or got of the bus or out of the taxi, you are there. Straight through the entrance and into a square. It is similar (if not a little smaller) to Magic Kingdom.

So a square leading to a street leading you into the park. If you take your first right you head straight down to Tower of Terror and Rock and Roller Coaster, you’ll also find one of my favourite live shows Beauty and the Beast.

Rock and Roller Coaster is a serious thrill ride, its fantastic fun but it’s a 48” height Restrictions. My daughter is looking forward to our next visit so she can ride this ride. Tower of Terror is also a thrill and great theming takes you back to Hollywood’s golden era, but not all is as it seems!!

I’ll go into more detail about Galaxies Edge in another post, but it is amazing, and you do feel like you are part of Star Wars universe. I think with Rise of the Resistance and the Hotel that sense of being in a galaxy far, far away is only going to increase.

My favourite Disney ride is Slinky Dog Dash, its just great fun and then we head to Toy Story Mania to try and get top score before hitting Woodys lunch box for a Pop Tart. This part usually feels less busy to me and more spacious than other parks and it just has so much to do.

The Frozen show is great for kids, and you can meet Olaf.

There are lots of food choices and character meets. Our favourite place for lunch is the Sci-Fi Diner where you can watch clips from old 1950s movies whilst you eat your burger and drink your shake in the drive through theatre, really good fun.

I’ll leave article there, but I hope its given you a few pointers of what you can expect at Hollywood Studios.


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