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Hints, tips and advice to make your Florida trip as magical as can be.

Welcome to Disney Orlando and beyond. Dedicated to making sure you get the best out of your holiday to Florida. We provide you with advice and help on what to do to have an amazing holiday.

Whether you just want to hit the parks or take life at a slower pace we have articles and help on all aspects of holiday life in Florida. So have a look around, we sure hope you find what you’re looking for.

Disney, Orlando and Beyond has many articles about Walt Disney World and Universal Studios.

We also cover what you can do on your day off from the parks, whether that’s shopping till you drop at the amazing malls and outlets. Or relaxing with an Orlando boat tour or visiting Lake Apopka. Finally, we have information beyond Disney and Orlando. This could be a trip down to the beautiful Florida Keys or across to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world at Clearwater.

Disney Orlando Magic

We’ve included magical guides on how to get there on a budget, what to do when it’s your first time and even how to save up to go. We’re tried to think of everything and give you as much information as possible. The site has been created by The Shaw family. We love all things about Florida and travel there as often as we can from our home in the UK. We love all things about Disney, the amazing rides at Universal, the shopping, the food, the wildlife, the scenery, the list goes on and on! The advice is UKsentric but we hope you enjoy it regardless of where you are from. Welcome to Disney, Orlando and Beyond